A music producer and song-writer who believes in the journey and continuously pushing the boundaries, aspiring to live in a growth mind-set.

Started musical education and playing piano before the age of 4, began playing drums at 11 and guitar at 13 years old – played in several bands and performed 3 musicals as a drummer (including Fame).

At the beginning of the teens, song-writing became another way of self-expression which eventually lead to co-writing a musical.

Moved from a small town in Germany to study music production at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and added a 3-year composition minor, an Entrepreneurship elective (at Leiden University) as well as a semester at the world-renowned CNSM Paris to the Bachelor-journey. Graduated in July 2017.

Recording the first band with 1 microphone ignited the passion to go on and co-produced the EP of the fantastic experimental project ‘Infinitarian’ which provided the tools to produce a tribute-medley project of Armin van Buuren’s music which the pianist ANTO performed in midst of 3 prepared pianos – much to Van Buuren’s liking.

Highly fascinated by people & our deep need for music (beyond genres), intrigued by passionate & honest music and mindfully entertaining people. Focussed on the story as well as connecting (with) people through music.

Overall, eager to experiment, explore and excited about learning from each new challenge presented and giving it a personal twist. Aspiring to contribute to projects from all around the world, of different cultural backgrounds and assist them in the process of an idea being executed in the most authentic and effective way possible.

Currently working with the internationally spirited artist ‘Bénjad’ on a Spanish, Georgian and Celtic EP.

September 30, 2017